Essential oils

Welcome to our collection of essential oils, which capture the very essence of Provence. Distilled with care and passion on the Plateau de Valensole, our lavender and lavandin essential oils invite you on an olfactory journey to the heart of the fields. of lavender bathed in sunlight.

In our essential oils, each drop is a celebration of nature, tradition and Provençal terroir. Our oils come from organic farming and distilled according to ancestral methods, to preserve all the beneficial properties of lavender, this wonderful plant that has made Provence famous.

Perfect for aromatherapy, for well-being or to enrich your homemade beauty products, our essential oils are a treasure of nature, a reflection of our commitment to production that respects the environment and your health.

By choosing our organic essential oils, you opt for the natural, but also for a part of the soul of Provence. You support a family tradition that has been perpetuated for four generations, an agriculture in harmony with nature, and a passion for quality and authenticity.

Let yourself be enchanted by the intense aromas and benefits of our essential oils of lavender and lavandin, and live a unique sensory experience, an immersion in the charm and sweetness of Provence.

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