Lavender honey 250g / 500g

Our lavender honey is produced on the Valensole plateau in Haute-Provence during the lavender and lavandin flowering season on our farm.
With a creamy texture, when harvested in late July or early August, the honey is golden yellow, then turns white as it crystallizes.

100% pure and natural
Produced, harvested, extracted and potted in Valensole 04210 FRANCE

N API : A5137462

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Savor the delicacy of our Organic Lavender Honey, harvested, jarred and lovingly produced on the Plateau de Valensole in France. It’s in this botanical paradise that our bees devote themselves to producing this monofloral honey of exceptional quality.

This Lavender Honey is remarkable for its sweet, fruity aroma. When harvested, this honey is liquid, then, as it crystallizes, takes on a creamy, unctuous texture. Imagine the pleasure of spreading it on your toast every morning!

On the Plateau de Valensole, the concentration of lavender and lavandin gives our honey a rare aromatic power. A race against time begins for our bees in mid-June, when the lavender flowers burst into a purple display. And everything must be harvested before the end of July, to preserve the freshness of the lavender.

Miel de Lavande is more than just an all-natural product, it’s the result of our commitment to eco-responsibility and our contribution to saving bees. Every jar of honey you enjoy supports this delicate balance.

Apart from its unrivalled taste, this honey is a veritable treasure trove of health benefits. It has effective soothing properties for sore throats, burns and scars. What’s more, it’s a delicious, lower-calorie alternative to sugar, ideal to accompany you throughout the day, whether in tea, coffee, yoghurt or simply on toast.

Our on-farm hives are cared for without chemical treatment, and our honeys are systematically analyzed in the laboratory after harvest. We offer a guarantee of purity and quality, making our Lavender Honey a must for honey lovers.

For lovers of textures, our Organic Lavender Honey can also be supplied in a more liquid form for part of the year, on request.

Now all you have to do is discover the many delights our Organic Lavender Honey has to offer!

Directions for use

A gentle start to the day: A spoonful of our Lavender Honey on your morning toast, pancakes or waffles brings a natural, fruity sweetness to start the day on the right foot.

Add a touch of sweetness to your hot drinks: Whether in your tea, coffee or infusion, a spoonful of honey can transform your drink into a moment of pure relaxation. This can be particularly soothing before bedtime.

Creative cooking: Use our Lavender Honey as an ingredient in your cooking and baking recipes. It can add a deliciously sweet, aromatic note to your cakes, cookies, and even certain meat and fish sauces.

Natural care: Lavender honey can be used as a mild remedy to soothe sore throats. Simply take a tablespoon of pure honey, or mix it with lemon and warm water for a soothing effect.

Beauty mask: For soft, moisturized skin, mix a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of olive oil and apply to your face. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Storage: Honey is best stored at room temperature, in a dry, dark place. If your honey crystallizes (which is a natural process), you can liquefy it by placing the jar in a water bath on low heat.

Remember, our Lavender Honey is a natural source of goodness. Don’t hesitate to make it part of your daily routine!

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