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Immerse yourself in the softness of our selection of soaps and detergents, a delicate marriage between the cleansing effectiveness and the bewitching freshness of products from Provence. Each product in our “lavender” range is made from organic lavender grown on our own terroir, offering a unique sensory experience that respects your skin, your clothes and our environment.

But the secret of the harmony of our products does not lie solely in the lavender. We have carefully selected highly nutritious vegetable oils to compose our soaps and detergents. In fact, we only use first cold-pressed olive oil, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, or organic sunflower oil , known for its moisturizing and regenerating properties. These high-quality ingredients give our products their exceptional softness and cleaning performance.

Perfectly aligned with our ecological commitment, all our lavender soaps and detergents are certified by “Nature and Progress”, one of the most rigorous labels in the field of natural cosmetics. By choosing our range, you are opting not only for quality, but also for respect for nature and the preservation of our precious Provençal heritage.

Discover the charm of Provence in every bubble, and let our lavender soaps and detergents transform your daily routines into a real sensory journey.

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