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Our expertise

Welcome to Marché du Plateau, where we celebrate the natural and cultural heritage of lavender. Since 2002, our farm has been certified organic, making us the pioneers of organic lavender growing on the Plateau de Valensole and in France.

We use traditional techniques to grow lavender, choosing the varieties that best suit our terroir, which is favored by the sunshine, rainfall and altitude of the Plateau de Valensole. What’s more, we’re dedicated to the art of cold saponification, a method that transforms oils and butters into soap, to create natural, skin-friendly products. Join us in our quest to explore and honor the many facets of lavender.

Organic farming

Why organic farming? In 2002, we decided to convert our entire farm to organic farming certification, making us the first organic lavender growers on the Plateau de Valensole and even in France! A motivated choice We are proud to be certified by Bureau Veritas a renowned independent organization that ensures the quality of our floors, […]

Cold saponification

A process that respects the environment and your skin At Marché du Plateau, we’re proud to make our soaps using the traditional cold-saponification method. Ce procédé artisanal, qui préserve les bienfaits des ingrédients naturels utilisés, nécessite seulement deux composants principaux : des huiles ou des beurres qui forment la base grasse du savon, et de […]

Traditional culture

A fusion of ancestral know-how and respect for the environment We grow lavender and lavandin in harmony with the natural heritage of the Plateau de Valensole. Thanks to our know-how handed down from generation to generation we have selected the varieties best suited to our unique terroir, rich in sunshine, moderate rainfall and ideal altitude. […]