Traditional culture

A fusion of ancestral know-how and respect for the environment

We grow lavender and lavandin in harmony with the natural heritage of the Plateau de Valensole. Thanks to our know-how handed down from generation to generation we have selected the varieties best suited to our unique terroir, rich in sunshine, moderate rainfall and ideal altitude.

We are proud to grow certain varieties of lavandin as well as the precious Lavandula angustifolia also known as fine or officinal lavender, renowned for its superior quality. These varieties are perfectly adapted to our soil and thrive in conditions close to their native habitat, contributing to the exceptional quality of our essential oils.

In accordance with the principles of organic farming we reproduce our own plants before planting them in our vast lavender fields. Maintenance is done by hand for the first two years, then with a lavender-specific weeder and a curry harrow to eliminate weeds that could choke our precious plants.

Of course, no chemical treatments are used on our crops. Our commitment to organic farming means that our lavender fields are cultivated in the traditional way respecting both the land and our customers, who enjoy natural, high-quality products.


At Marché du Plateau, our harvesting process remains true to tradition. We carefully cut the lavender stems and flowers mechanically, without crushing them.

This method preserves the integrity of each flower and contributes to the purity and superior quality of our essential oils.

Every stage of our process, from cultivation to harvesting, is designed to guarantee an end product of exceptional quality, respectful of nature and our consumers.


Distillation is a delicate process that transforms the lavender flower into a precious essential oil. At Marché du Plateau, we follow a traditional method to capture the pure essence of lavender.

It all starts with the lavandin flower, which we’ve carefully harvested. These flowers are stacked in a vat through which steam is passed, extracting the essential oil contained in the flower pistil. The mixture of steam and petrol is then led through the gooseneck to the coil, where it is cooled.

After condensation, the mixture becomes liquid again and is collected in a tank called an “essencier”. Thanks to its lightness, the essential oil rises to the surface. The essencier is fitted with two taps: the higher one collects the essential oil while the lower one is for removing the distilled water, or hydrolat.

There are two distillation methods: conventional, in which the flowers and stems are crushed and quickly distilled, and traditional, in which the stems and cut flowers are not crushed. Instead, they are left to dry in the fields for at least a day before being distilled. It ‘s this traditional method that we at Marché du Plateau prefer, to guarantee the highest quality lavender or lavandin essential oil of unrivalled quality.


At Marché du Plateau, we attach the utmost importance to preserving the quality of our lavender essential oils.

That’s why we store them in stainless steel tanks, a material that doesn’t compromise product purity.

Unlike plastic, which can have harmful effects on the product over the long term, stainless steel guarantees optimum preservation.

Traditionally, essential oil was stored in galvanized drums. Nowadays, however, industry tends to use plastic for storage.

At Marché du Plateau, we have chosen to deviate from this general practice in order to preserve and guarantee the superior quality of our essential oils.

The conclusion of a traditional culture

Our personal approach is always the same: to produce high-quality products that respect nature. Our oils are all produced in the same simple way, in their original terroir, under their original conditions, and without any chemical intervention.

The desired molecules are present in the same way as in a wild plant, and the finished product has all its properties.

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