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Lavender detergent 1 L

Discover the gentleness of our ultra-concentrated Lavender Detergent, in 1L cans, made with sunflower oil and only four natural ingredients.

Made in France and Nature et Progrès certified, this biodegradable detergent is an ecological and economical solution for your laundry needs.

Palm oil-free and cold-saponified, it is suitable for sensitive skin, while respecting biodiversity.



Let yourself be enveloped by the comforting scent of our ultra-concentrated Lavender Laundry, made in France exclusively with organic products. This detergent contains our precious lavandin essential oil for a unique sensory washing experience.

Committed to an ecological approach, our detergent is distinguished by its pure composition of four ingredients, all organic and natural. It respects the environment by leaving no pollution in wastewater.

This ultra-concentrated detergent uses three times less product than a conventional detergent for the same impeccably clean results.

Our four ingredients:

  1. Cold-saponified sunflower oil – Forms the base of this lye by mixing with soda crystals, in a process similar to soap-making.
  2. Water – The essential ingredient in every detergent formula.
  3. Soda crystals – A natural product extracted in France, offering stain-removing and whitening properties.
  4. Our Lavandin essential oil – Gives your laundry incomparable softness and freshness.

Our lavender detergent is suitable for all types of laundry and is ideal for even the most sensitive skin. Its all-natural composition preserves your skin’s softness. What’s more, thanks to its high concentration, it uses less water and packaging, in line with our ecological values.

Certified Nature et Progrès, our detergent is 100% biodegradable, effective, simple and ecological, with recyclable packaging.

Directions for use

For a 4 to 5 kg machine :

Water / Linen Little Dirty Dirty Very Dirty
Not very hard 10 ml 35 ml 45 ml
Hard 25 ml 50 ml 60 ml
Very hard 40 ml 65 ml 75 ml


Further information

Our ultra-concentrated Lavender Laundry Detergent is made in France using only organically grown products. It contains :

  • Sunflower oil: cleansing, moisturizing and softening
  • Water
  • Soda crystals: Stain removers, whiteners
  • Essential oil of lavandin grown, harvested and distilled on the Plateau de Valensole


<30% water*, 5 to 15% anionic surfactant (cold-saponified** sunflower oil), soda crystals*, organic lavandin** essential oil (naturally contains linalool – allergenic potential).

*Ingredients of natural origin
**Certified organic ingredients

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