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Discover the four-generation passion for organic lavender growing that has taken root in our family. Since 2002, we’ve been growing lavender and lavandin with love and respect for nature, on the fertile soil of the Plateau de Valensole in France. Our expertise and commitment to organic farming have made us pioneers in this field, recognized for the exceptional quality of our products.

In 2015, during a family meal, an idea was born: what if we offered our organic lavender products directly to our customers? Until now, we’ve sold our production to wholesalers and agricultural cooperatives, but the idea of connecting directly with you, our customers, won us over.

That’s how I, Samuel, at the age of 22, and my partner Emma, aged 20, decided to devote ourselves entirely to this new adventure. We took the reins of distribution while my father continued to oversee the production side of the business. Together, we continue to grow our family business, ensuring that every member has the space to develop and succeed.

Our passion for organic lavender continues to grow, as does our commitment to offering you products of the highest quality. This is the story you can touch through every product we offer. So dive into the fascinating world of organic lavender with us, and discover the true essence of Provence.

Our expertise

Welcome to Marché du Plateau, where we celebrate the natural and cultural heritage of lavender. Since 2002, our farm has been certified organic, making us the pioneers of organic lavender growing on the Plateau de Valensole and in France. We use traditional techniques to grow lavender, choosing the varieties that best suit our terroir, which […]

The Valensole plateau

The Plateau de Valensole: A treasure of Provence Nestled in the heart of the Alpes de Haute Provence, the Plateau de Valensole is a true gem of Provence. Situated at an altitude of 600 metres, this plateau stretches majestically over 800 km², offering breathtaking panoramas and an unforgettable experience. Discover the perfect harmony between the […]

About us

Our family has been growing lavender for 4 generations, first conventionally and since 2002 organically. Our main activity is the cultivation of lavender and lavandin, which is a family affair for us, and we have been pioneers in organic farming for many years, recognized for the quality of our work.

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