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Honey soap

Handcrafted honey soap, cold-saponified with 77% organic olive oil.

Surgras 9%, deeply moisturizes. Ideal for soft, nourished skin.

Made in France

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Discover our Honey Soap, a true gift from nature that combines the softness of cold-saponified organic olive oil with the rich nourishment of honey. This soap, made in France, is designed to offer you an exceptional skincare experience while preserving our precious planet.

This soap is created with a base of 77% organic olive oil, which is combined with natural soda in a cold saponification process. This artisanal method preserves all the beneficial properties of olive oil and honey, providing a soft, nourishing skin care experience.

Surgras at 9%, our honey soap offers extra softness and hydration to your skin, creating a protective barrier that maintainsyour skin’s natural moisture. All-flower honey provides unique benefits for the skin, enriching its texture and promoting regeneration.

Certified by“Nature et Progrès“, this soap complies with the strictest standards for natural cosmetics, reflecting our commitment to the environment and the creation of sustainable products with no chemical residues in waste water.

Directions for use

Wet your skin with the honey soap, then rub it directly onto your skin or onto a washcloth to create a rich, creamy lather.

Gently massage your body with the foam, enjoying the nourishing softness of honey, then rinse off with lukewarm water.

To prolong the life of your soap, let it dry on a soap dish between uses.

Further information

Cold-saponified olive oil**, water*, glycerin* (from olive oil), 9% surgras in olive oil**Our All-Flower Honey *.

*Ingredients of natural origin
**Certified organic ingredients.