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Soap shavings and lavender essential oil gift bag

Discover our gift bag filled with 200g of soap shavings and a 30ml organic lavender essential oil. This pouch is the perfect gift for lovers of natural, scented skincare, offering a unique, relaxing sensory experience.

Soap shavings are made from 100% natural ingredients, moisturizing and biodegradable, with 77% organic olive oil and no palm oil.

To complete this wellness experience, we’ve included an organic lavender essential oil. Lavandin, a variety of lavender, is known for its delicate, relaxing fragrance. A few drops of this essential oil added to soap shavings will enable you to create your own soap while benefiting from the virtues of lavandin essential oil.

Made in France



Our soaps are made in France, the quintessence of simplicity and authenticity. It is made from 77% organic olive oil, cold-saponified to preserve all the natural benefits of this elixir.

The olive tree, the sacred tree of the Mediterranean, provides us with its precious oil, creating a gentle, moisturizing soap ideal for sensitive skin. With its 9% surgras, our soap provides an extra dose of softness and protection for your skin, without attacking it.

Cold saponification, though more time-consuming, guarantees optimum preservation of the ingredients’ properties and naturally produces glycerine, for optimum moisturizing of your skin.

Proudly certified by“Nature et Progrès“, this handmade soap reflects our commitment to natural, environmentally-friendly cosmetics. It is vegan, not tested on animals and entirely biodegradable, helping to preserve our planet.

Directions for use

To use our natural soap, wet your skin and rub the soap directly onto your skin or onto a washcloth to create a soft, creamy lather.

Massage your body with the foam, then rinse with lukewarm water. For optimum care, use daily in the shower or bath.

After use, leave to dry on a soap dish to prolong its life.

Further information

Cold-saponified olive oil**, water*, glycerin* (from olive oil), surgras 9% olive oil**.

*Ingredients of natural origin
**Certified organic ingredients.