Hydrolat lavandin 3 L

Discover the benefits of our Organic Lavandin Hydrolate, available in a large 3L volume to meet all your needs.

This product is organic, artisanal and eco-responsible, ideal for those who want to incorporate more natural, environmentally-friendly products into their daily routine.

Gently distilled from our organic lavender grown in France on the Plateau de Valensole, this hydrosol is an expression of purity and sustainability.

Made in France



Our 3L Organic Lavandin Hydrolat is a gentle distillation of lavandin organically grown in our own fields. Each drop captures the invigorating essence of lavandin, known for its purifying and regenerating properties.

Choosing our 3L Lavandin Hydrolate is a step towards a more authentic, nature-friendly way of life. Presented in a large 3L volume, it reduces the need for additional packaging and minimizes our ecological footprint. It’s an option in line with our commitment to organic farming and eco-responsible production.

This hydrosol, with its fresh aroma and unique herbaceous scent, can be used as a facial toner, an aftershave lotion or even to give your laundry an invigorating scent. Its gentle, natural formula is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive.

Compared with lavender hydrosol, lavandin hydrosol has a more herbaceous, slightly camphorated scent, offering a different sensory experience.

Directions for use

For use on the skin: Spray the hydrosol directly onto your face as a toner, morning and/or evening, after cleansing. Leave to dry naturally.

For use as a laundry fragrance: Add a few drops to your washing machine or spray directly onto your sheets and towels for an invigorating scent.

Further information

Our Lavandin Hydrolat is a 100% natural product, with no added preservatives or artificial fragrances. It is the result of artisanal distillation of organically grown lavandin from our own fields on the Plateau de Valensole.

To preserve all its properties, this hydrosol should be kept away from light and heat.