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Organic farming

Why organic farming?

In 2002, we decided to convert our entire farm to organic farming certification, making us the first organic lavender growers on the Plateau de Valensole and even in France!

A motivated choice

We are proud to be certified by Bureau Veritas a renowned independent organization that ensures the quality of our floors, products and equipment. This certification guarantees the purity of our essential oils from lavender and lavandin free of all chemical residues.

Our decision to go organic was never motivated by financial considerations. Although organic farming is less profitable than conventional farming, we have always been guided by a personal personal philosophy respect for nature and the environment around us.

In practice, this means that we use no pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers in our fields. This enables us to grow our lavender without leaving any trace on nature, and to produce an essential oil of the highest quality.

Despite the economic challenges associated withorganic farming, over the years we have succeeded in improving our production methods, perfecting our equipment and adapting to this new way of working, while maintaining a traditional lavender cultivation.

Most importantly, our fields, which haven’t received any chemical treatment for over 20 years, have had time to regenerate naturally, and are now full of life.

In 2022, we decided to take our environmental commitment one step further by switching to biodynamic agriculture a holistic, regenerative approach to agriculture that respects the delicate balance of nature. We are in the process of being certified by DEMETER an international organization that sets standards for biodynamic agriculture.

It’s this philosophy of harmony with nature that permeates our work, from lavender cultivation to the production of our essential oils. We look forward to sharing this passion with you through our products.