Lavender liquid soap 500 ml to 10 L

Our lavender liquid soap in 500 ml, 3 liters or 10 liters is made with a blend of cold-saponified olive and sunflower oils.

With 8% surgras and no palm oil, it’s perfect for body, face and hands, especially for sensitive skin.

Deeply moisturizing, biodegradable, 100% natural, vegan, not tested on animals, handcrafted and Nature et Progrès certified, it reflects our commitment to organic farming.

Made in France

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Get back to basics with our lavender liquid soap, made using traditional methods. Organic olive oil and sunflower oil are cold-saponified, a process that preserves the oils’ properties and naturally produces glycerine. This last ingredient makes our soap incredibly moisturizing and gentle on the skin. We add 9% extra olive oil for even greater ease of use.

Particularly suitable for sensitive and fragile skin, our Lavender liquid soap is additive-free and enriched with our Lavandin essential oil, making every wash a moment of fragrant softness.

Concerned about the environment and consumers, we have opted for the Nature et Progrès label, one of the strictest certifications for natural cosmetics.

Our soap is made in France by a company that shares our ecological and environmentally-friendly values. No chemical residues are released into wastewater, making this soap an ecological choice that respects the planet.

Directions for use

For daily use, apply a small amount of our lavender liquid soap to your hands, face or body, then rub gently. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. For extra-soft skin, moisturize after drying.

This soap is also ideal for a relaxing bath. Simply add a few drops to your warm bath water for a soothing lavender-scented experience.

Its mildness makes this soap perfectly suited to frequent use, even for sensitive skin.

Always test the product on a small area of your skin before full use to check for any allergic reaction. Although our soap is natural, some people may be sensitive to its ingredients.

Further information


Water*, cold-saponified sunflower oil**, cold-saponified olive oil**, glycerin* (from olive and sunflower oils), 8% surgras in olive** and sunflower** oils, lavender essential oil**.

*Ingredients of natural origin
**Ingredients from organic farming.

This soap naturally contains linalool, a potential allergen.