Hydrolats et fleurs de lavandin

Hydrolats and lavendin flowers

Our range of organic lavandin hydrosol and flower products is specially designed to meet your home care needs. We are delighted to present you with products of exceptional quality, carefully created from the finest organic ingredients.

Organic lavandin hydrosol is a true natural treasure. Obtained by steam distillation of lavender flowers, it contains all the beneficial properties of this plant. Endowed with a fresh and intoxicating fragrance, this hydrosol also has antiseptic, deodorizing and relaxing properties. It is therefore ideal for the maintenance of your home, offering a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to harsh chemicals.

Our organic lavandin flowers are also a valuable addition to your home care arsenal. They can be used in many ways: in the making of scented sachets to perfume your cupboards, in the preparation of natural cleaning products or in the creation of potpourri for a soothing and refreshing atmosphere.

Using our organic lavandin hydrosol and organic lavandin flowers products allows you to maintain your home in a natural way, without compromising your health or that of the environment. You can enjoy the aromatic benefits of lavender while disinfecting and perfuming your interior.

Explore our range of Organic Lavandin Hydrosol and Organic Lavandin Flowers to discover the wonderful possibilities they offer when it comes to home care. Experience the power of nature and transform your household chores into pleasant and balanced moments.

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