Our history

Our family has been growing lavender for 4 generations, first conventionally and since 2002 organically.

Our main activity is the cultivation of lavender and lavandin, which is a family affair for us. We have been pioneers in organic farming for many years, and are recognized for the quality of our work.

It was during a family meal in 2015 that the idea of distributing our products directly came to us. Until now, we sold our produce to wholesalers or agricultural cooperatives.

With this in mind, Samuel (22) and my partner Emma (20) decided to devote themselves to the business full-time, leaving the production side to my father so that everyone would have all the space they needed to develop their part of the business to the full.

Our stores

So, to begin with, we’ve built a small temporary hut in our lavender fields at the entrance to the Plateau de Valensole, to show you our products.

Then, in view of the enthusiasm we saw, we threw ourselves heart and soul into developing direct sales, first by rebuilding a larger hut and then, in 2019, we were able to open our boutique in the center of Valensole, which will be open 8 months a year, unlike the hut, which opens its doors only during the lavender and lavandin flowering season.

At the same time, we have developed our range of natural cosmetics using our ESSENTIAL OIL.
In keeping with our ecological approach, we wanted to create a 100% natural range made in France from olive and sunflower oils.

Of course, we still work with organic and traditional methods, and we’re currently in the process of converting to biodynamic viticulture.

Thanks to you, we now sell most of our production direct, which enables us to add value to our products and offer you the real price of the product without the middleman.

We’ll be happy to meet you in Valensole in our village store or in our hut in our fields during the lavender and lavandin flowering season, which remains something exceptional.

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