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Lavandin essential oil 250 to 500 ml

Our Lavandin essential oil, made from organic Lavandin grown on the Valensole plateau, is renowned for its intense fragrance and purifying properties.

Perfect for purifying your home or as aromatherapy to relax your muscles thanks to its natural camphor.

100% organic, pure and natural, it’s ideal for a healthy home and optimal relaxation.

100% organic pure and natural essential oil
Cultivation, harvesting and distillation in Valensole 04210 FRANCE

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Lavandin is a natural hybrid that grows on the Valensole plateau.

Our Lavandin essential oil, from the world’s most widespread variety of lavender, is a family pride cultivated for four generations.

Grown in certified organic agriculture, our lavandin enables us to offer an essential oil of Lavandin with recognized medicinal properties, thanks to production close to its original conditions, without chemicals or artificial watering. Its exceptional fragrance stands out and is used in a wide range of products.

Directions for use

At home, a few drops in your cleaning bucket or laundry detergent for a pleasant fragrance and disinfectant effect.
disinfecting effect
. Used as a vapour, it acts as an insect repellent (lice, moths, fleas, etc.).

In aromatherapy, it is excellent for soothing muscular pain. Apply as a pure rub to the skin, incorporate into a bath, or use for massage by mixing with vegetable oil. Be sure to test on the wrist before use to avoid any risk of allergy, although this is exceptional.

Please note: unlike lavender, lavandin is not edible.

Further information


Glass bottle.

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